Topics for Discussion


Advertising, I
Advertising, II
Advertising, III
Advertising, IV
Age, I
Age, II
Army, one
Army, two
Architecture, I
Architecture, II
Art, one
Art, two
Body Language, one
Body Language, two
Books, one
Books, two
Books, three
Business, one
Business, two
Business Culture

Cafes, Coffeehouses, Tea Houses, I
Cafes, Coffeehouses, Tea Houses, II
Cars, one
Cars, two
Cell Phones, I
Cell Phones, II
Childhood, one
Childhood, two
Childhood, three
Christmas, one
Christmas, two
Climate, one
Clothing, one
Clothing, two
Clothing, three
Clothing, four
Class, Social, one
Class, Social, two
Colors, one
Colors, two
Colors, three

Communication, I
Communication, II
Companies, I
Companies, II
Companies, III
Computer Games, 1
Cooking, 1
Cooking, 2
Country vs. City
Crime, I
Crime, II
Crime, III
Customs, Asia, one
Customs, Europe, one
Customs, Europe, two
Customs, Europe, three
Customs, Middle East
Customs, United States, 1
Customs, United States, 2
Customs, Other
Customs and Laws, 1
Customs and Laws, 2
Dance, part one
Dance, part two
Debates, A
Debates, B
Debates, 1
Debates, 2
Debates, 3
Debates, 4
Debates, 5
Department Stores
Doctor, one
Doctor, two
Dogs, one
Dogs, two
Economics, one
Economics, two
Economics, three
Economics, four
Education, I
Education, II
English Language, one
English Language, two
English Language, three
Explanation, What’s the, one
Explanation, What’s the, two
Factory, one
Factory, two
Family, one
Family, two
Family, three

Fashion, pt 1
Fashion, pt 2
First Impressions, one
First Impressions, two

First Impressions, three
First Impressions, four
First Impressions, five
Food, one
Food, two
Food, three
Food, four
Freedom, one
Freedom, two
Freedom, three
Friends, I
Friends, II
Fruits, Temperate
Fruits, Subtropical
Fruits, Tropical
Gender Issues, I
Gender Issues, II
Gender Issues, III
Generation Gap, I
Generation Gap, II
Geography, 1
Geography, 2
Government, one
Government, two
Government, three
Government, four
Great Britain, I
Great Britain, II
Hair and Hairstyling
Happiness, I
Happiness, II
Happiness, III
Health, one
Health, two
Health, three
History, I
History, II
History, III
History, IV
Hobbies, part one
Hobbies, part two
Hobbies, part three
Holidays, one
Holidays, two

Hospital, one
Hospital, two
Hotel, 1
Hotel, 2
Hotel, 3
House, one
House, two
House, three
Immigration, one
Immigration, two
Immigration, three
Internet, one
Internet, two
Internet, three
Jobs, one
Jobs, two
Judge and Jury, one
Judge and Jury, two
Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Ponds
Marriage, one
Marriage, two
Money, one
Money, two
Money, three
Months of the Year
Movies, I
Movies, II
Music, one
Music, two
Music, three
Mysteries, I
Mysteries, II
Mysteries, III
Mysteries, IV
Names, one
Names, two
Names, three
News Media, one
News Media, two
News Media, three
News Items, one
News Items, two
News Items, three
News Items, four

Oceans and Seas
Office, The, one
Office, The, two
Olympics, one
Olympics, two
Olympics, three 

Parties, Feasting, I
Parties, Feasting, II
Police, one
Police, two
Police, three
Politics, one
Politics, two
Politics, three
Poverty, one
Poverty, two
Restaurants, one
Restaurants, two
Restaurants, three
Religion, one
Religion, two
Religion, three
Rich, one
Rich, two
Rich, three
Room, My
Schedule, Work
School, part one
School, part two
School, part three
School, part four
Scientific Discoveries; Inventions
Shopping, 1
Shopping, 2
Shopping, 3
Shopping Malls
Singing, I
Singing, II
Sports, one
Sports, two
Stores and Shops
Stereotypes, Europe
Superheroes, 1
Superheroes, 2
Taboos, Social, 1
Taboos, Social, 2
Tourism, one
Tourism, two
Transportation I
Transportation, II
Transportation, III

Travel, 1

Travel, 2
Travel, 3
TV, part one
TV, part two
TV, part three

United States, 1

United States, 2
United States, 3
United States, 4
University, part 1
University, part 2
University, part 3
University, part 4
Utopia, one
Utopia, two
Utopia, three
Utopia, four
Voting and Elections
War, part one
War, part two
Weather, one
Weather, two
Work, One
Work, Two