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Cooking, one

Cooking includes a variety of techniques for preparing food, usually by applying heat.

People cook foods for many reasons. Cooking can kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. It can make ingredients easier to digest. Cooking can also bring out the flavors in foods and create new ones.

People cook to provide meals or snacks for themselves and their family and friends. For many people, cooking is also a hobby. For some people, cooking is a profession.

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1. I cook meals for myself or my family (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). True or false?

2. Do you enjoy cooking? What do you like to cook? What are your favorite dishes?

3. I feel happy and proud when my friends and family like my cooking. Is this correct or wrong?

4. How did you learn to cook?

5. Who among your family and friends is the best cook?

Cooking Techniques and Utensils

6. What methods of cooking do you know and use? baking, boiling, frying, deep frying, grilling, roasting, sauteing, simmering, stir fry.

7. What are your favorite or main cooking utensils (pot, pan, wooden spoon, oven, stove, wisk, knife, mixer, blender).

8. Are there many “secret” cooking techniques, sauces, and spices?

9. Do your markets import different ingredients and spices?

Recipes, Cooking Shows, Cookbooks

10. I have lots of cookbooks in my home. Yes or no?

11. Cookbooks are bestsellers in bookstores. Do you agree?

12. Cooking and culinary shows are popular on TV. True or false? What kind of cookings shows are there?

13. Do you have any favorite or secret recipes?


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