freedom three

Freedom, three


They have believed that achieving those goals would do more to make people “free” than would the legal protection of their rights in society. Many societies have thought it natural and desirable for a few people to restrict the liberty of all others.

Most legal freedoms can be divided into three main groups: (1) political freedom, (2) social freedom, and (3) economic freedom.

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23. What are the “freest” countries in the world? Give examples of their freedom.

24. What countries are the “least free”?

25. Are free countries always better than non-free nations?

26. People always migrate from less free to freer countries. True or false?

27. Should there be complete freedom of movement, work and residency throughout the world?

28. A nation being ruled, controlled or part of another nation’s empire is never free until it is independent. Then it becomes free. Do you agree?


29. What are some forms of non-free societies, governments or situations in the past?

30. Freedom is worth defending. Freedom is worth fighting and dying for. What do you think?

31. Modern society is freer than in the past. As time goes, people have more freedom. Yes, no, yes and no, sometimes, maybe it depends?

32. Will technology free people, enslave them or both?

33. The internet will free society, humanity and the world. Do you agree?

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