Animals come in many shapes and sizes. They live throughout the world. Animals walk or crawl on land and dig through the soil. They swim in the water and fly through the air. Some animals even live inside the bodies of other animals.

Bats, dogs, horses, kangaroos, and moles are all animals. So are butterflies, frogs, jellyfish, pigeons, sharks, snakes, and worms.

Many kinds of animals are less than 2.5 centimetres long. Many are so tiny that they can be seen only with a microscope. The largest animal is the blue whale. It is about 30 metres long–as long as five elephants in a row.


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1. Overall

Humans humans belong to the Animal Kingdom. Do you agree?

What distinguishes humans from (other) animals?

In what sense can animals be smarter than people?

If I could change to any three animals (temporarily), I would like to be a ____________ because

2. Animal characters

Do cats, dogs and other have persoanlities and characters? Give examples.

Does each animal correspond to different human traits, characters or personalities? For example?

Do certain animals represent good luck? Bad luck or omens? War? Aggression? Peace? Love? Fertility? Horror? Wisdom? Stubborness? Cowardness? Stupidity? Bravery or courage?

Which animal would best characterise you or your friends? Why?

The animals most similar to humans are…ants and bees. Yes or no?

What would happen if animals could talk or otherwise communicate with people?

3. Animal Biology

Bears are more dangerous than mosquitoes. True or false? Sharks are more dangerous than humans. Yes or no?

What are some animals native to your country or region?

What are some great, unusual or interesting feats of animals? What can they do better than humans?

Have certain species of animals become rare or gone extinct in your area or country? Which ones? Why did this happen?

How can endangered species be protected?

4. Animal ethics

Does your town or city have a zoo? Have you visited it?

Do you think the consumption of animal flesh should be banned? Why or why not?
What about the consumption of animal products like milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yoghurt?

Are there stray cats and dogs in your neighbourhood? Is this good or bad, or neither?

What do you think of Spanish and Portuguese bullfighting? What is it’s future?

Pretty soon the only places where you will find wild animals are…zoos. Do you agree?

5. Philosophical

Have you read the story, The Most Dangerous Game? What happens in it?

Will animals take over the planet in the future? How might this happen?

In the future animals will have the same rights as people. Do you agree?

Scientists should clone and perform other genetic experiments with animals. Yes or no?

We should bring back dinosaurs and other extinct species of animals. What do you think?

Pets make good friends—often better than people. True or false?

6. Stories

Have you heard of accounts of children raised in the wild by animals? Describe what happened.

Retell the account of Noah’s Ark.

Does your country have a national or symbolic animal or bird? Which is it? Why? Can you give other examples of animals representing or symbolizing various countries?

What was the message or theme of George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

Did you read or were told fables when you were young?


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