religion two

Religion, two




10. Who are more religious, men or women? Younger or older people? Why?

11. Are people more or less religious today than 30, 60, 100 or 1000 years ago? Describe the situation.

12. All of today’s problems stem from people turning away from religion; people must return to God. What do you think?

13. Which nations are very religious? Why? Which countries are very secular? Why?

14. How does religion influence culture, i.e. the way people eat, dress, behave etc.?

15. What percent of people go to church on Sunday? Has this changed over the years?

History, Politics

16. Has religion changed over time in your country? What faiths had or have existed in your country? What is the history of religion in your country?

17. What is / was the attitude of the government towards religion? Why?

18. Have there been religious wars? Why has there been religious conflict and strife?

19. What do you think of Charles Darwin and the “Theory of Evolution”?


20. Religion is very important for people. Yes or no? Why?

21. Can prayer or praying help cure the ill or illnesses? Can praying help for exams, success, victory, love?

22. Can or do interfaith marriages work? Do you know of such couples?

23. Do religious people make better boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives? Why or why not?

24. A religious society is best. What do you think?


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