gender issues 3

Gender Issues, III



20. In your school, are boys and girls taught differently? Are there different expectations between males and females?

21. In your university, are there more male or female students, or is it about the same?

22. There is a difference in the male to female ratio of teachers and professors from elementary (primary) school to high (secondary) school to university. True of false?

23. Boys and girls ought to be educated separately in different schools. Do you agree?


24. Do women and men behave differently among different nationalities and ethnic groups? Do they have different roles and relationships?

25. Are men in your nation attracted to certain women from other countries or cultures and vice versa?

26. Women and men in most countries are becoming more like American men and women. What do you think?

Hobbies, Interests

27. What are some “typical male” hobbies and pastimes? What are some common female hobbies and interests?

28. Have traditional male and female hobbies coming together or merged, i.e. more males are doing female activities and more females are doing male activities?


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