olympics 2

The Olympics, II


Millions of people have attended the games, and more than a billion people throughout the world watch the Olympics on television.


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12. Many athletes from my country have participated in Olympic Games. Is this correct?

13. Who are the most famous Olympic athletes from your country? What event did they participate in? Did they win the Gold Medal?

14. Who are your favourite Olympic heroes? What sport did they compete in?

15. Among Olympic medal winners, who feels the happiest, who feels the second happiest and who feels the third happiest Why?

16. Describe the life of Olympic athletes in training.

17. What happens to Olympic medal winners immediately after the games?

18. What happens to Olympic champions after they retire from competition? Give examples.

Controversy, Scandal, Problems

19. Have there been controversies at the Olympics? Can you name some?

20. Do you think drugs, doping, steroids and other artificial sports enhancement is a serious problem in Olympic Games? Can you give some examples?

21. Why do a few Olympic athletes use drugs?

22. Is security a big concern in the Olympics? What happens? Why is it so?

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