transportation 2

Transportation, II


Vocabulary related to transportation.

sailor motorbike truck/lorry
boat unicycle motorcycle
tram merchant harbor/port
desert crowded metro/tube
cart commute underground
trust survive overcharge
camel subway horse-drawn
mule donkey stubborn
llama sweater up-to-date
ship freeway motorway
feat railway railroad
diesel spaceship helicopter
rocket megacity cruise liner



B. Public Transport

13. Is it better to have trams than diesel-powered buses in the city?

14. Are the city buses usually empty, full, or crowded, or does it depend?

15. Do you trust the taxis of your city? Do taxis overcharge some people?

C. Traditional Forms of Transport

16. Do you see any horse-carts, or horse-drawn carts?

17. In the future, people will go back to riding horses.

18. How do camels survive in the desert?

19. Describe the mule. He is as stubborn as a mule. Describe someone who is a donkey.

20. Are llama sweaters or pullovers cheap or expansive?

21. There should be elephant and rhinoceros reserves in my country. What do you think?

22. Are there horse ranches and horse riding farms (for children) in your country?


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