Customs of

the United States, 1









Are the following customs true or still true? Why did or do these customs exist? What do you think about them? How is it in your country?

People in the US do not like to talk about or disclose their income. Americans don’t want to say how much money they earn.

New York.
Most Americans can’t speak a foreign language.

Texas. With the exception of New York City and San Francisco, everybody or most people seem to get around by car.

Many people in the United States have never seen the ocean in their entire lives. Some have also never traveled more than a few hundred kilometers from where they were born.

Pennsylvania. Many American men (want to) marry foreign women, especially from Asia, Eastern Europe and Colombia.



Illinois. In classes in the US, students spend almost as much time talking about a subject as they do listening to the teacher.

Michigan. People who work in offices like to chat, gossip and tell jokes.

Ohio. With the exception of downtowns or city centers, you seldom see people on city streets.

Missouri. Members of the Mormon faith and some other Americans keep a year’s provision (food) in their homes.

Virginia. In the United States men often stare at or (in the past) whistle or wolf howl at women.






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