Aristotle. I have read many books. True or false? Do you often read books? How often do you read books?

Dante Alighieri. Who has read the most books (among your friends, teachers, family members)?

Geoffrey Chaucer. Do you have favorite books? What are your favorite books?

Charles Dickens. At school we have to read different books. True or false? What sort of books do you read at school?

Fyodor Dostoevsky. Who are some famous writers from your country? What did the write about?

Ernest Hemingway. I would like to write books. I would like to be a full-time writer. My friends would like to write books.



Homer. What are some influential books? How have they been influential?

Plato. Are some books “bad”? Should certain books be banned or not taught at schools?

Alexander Pushkin. Fewer people read fewer books these days. What do you think?

William Shakespeare. What are the most popular literary genre, action, adventure, biography, classics, comedy, crime and detective, drama, fantasy, folklore, folktales, horror, military, mystery, myths and legends, philosophical, poetry, romance, satire, science-fiction, spy, superhero, swashbuckler thriller, Western/Cowboy.

Leo Tolstoy. Writers have ordinary, dull, boring lives. All they do is sit and write. what do you think?

Mark Twain. Which is better, books or movie or documentary version or it depends?



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