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More generally, people associate art with the creation of beautiful objects for decoration or simply for their own sakes.

These include such activities as painting a picture, making ceramics and sculptures, and their finished products.

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14. Are artists “different” from the average person, i.e. “eccentric”?

15. What can you say about famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Dali, Grandma Moses?

16. Would you like to be a professional artist? If yes, in which area or areas?

17. There seems to be millions of aspiring artists; but just a few that have made it big (succeeded). Do you know any “poor” artists? Do you know any professional or successful artists? How have they succeeded?

Art in Society

18. Are artistic activities popular where you live? Are there many art clubs and organizations?

19. Are there (many) art museums where you live?

20. Where are the art centers of your country? What do you find there?

21. Is art important in society? Why? Would society be better off if, in their free time, everyone took up some kind of art class, joined art clubs and engaged in painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, crocheting, knitting, writing?

22. Should the government support the arts and artists? Why or why not?

National and International Art

23. Describe the traditional arts and crafts of your country.

24. Which country or place has an abundance of “great” and “beautiful” artworks, in your opinion?

25. To you, which cultures or countries have “interesting, strange or exotic” arts and crafts?

26. From which time period or historical period of art do you like most?

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