Age, one




1. Personal

1. What’s the “ideal” age? Why? The ideal age is ______ because

2. Do you wish you could stay at one age, biologically, for the rest of your life? Or do you prefer a normal life progression?

3. If every adult could choose to be any biological age they wanted, what would happen?

4. When you get older, will you dress in “formal attire” or follow teenage fashions? How do (most) senior citizens dress?

2. Performance, Roles

5. Which jobs are usually performed by young people? Why?

6. Which jobs do older people usually do? Why?

7. Why are most athletes, criminals, dancers, pop musicians and soldiers young?

8. The younger a person, the more adept they are with computers, the internet, cell phones and other gadgets. The older they are, the less they are. Why?

3. Work, Career

9. The retirement age should be raised. Do you agree? What should the retirement age be? What is it where you live?

10. Retirement is the happiest time of people’s lives. Yes or no? Explain why.

11. Should presidents, prime ministers and other leaders be relatively young, middle aged, old, or it doesn’t matter?




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