debates three

Debates, 3

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

a) I agree completely
b) I agree somewhat.
c) In the middle. So-so. It depends. Yes and no. Maybe. Perhaps.
d) I disagree.
e) I totally disagree.

Say why, and give examples.

Society, Life

26. The 1950s were “the good old days”, “the golden years”.

27. We shouldn’t take the old generation too seriously; the young generation knows better.

28. Money is the most important thing in life.

29. Couples should be restricted to having no more than two children each.

30. Everyone must go to university and become doctors, lawyers, scientists, managers, engineers, architects, business people.


31. We must protect forests, environments, elephants and rhinoceros. We should plant more trees and encourage human populations to fall.


32. Canada, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden are role-model countries for the rest of the world.

33. Australia is the best place to live.

34. The United States and Europe should open its doors to skilled, educated, qualified immigrants, but shut out unskilled, uneducated migrants.

35. Third World countries are poor and undemocratic because the populace is irresponsible, disorganized, undisciplined, and expect something for nothing.


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