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Bank is a business establishment that safeguards people’s money and uses it to make loans and investments. People keep their money in banks rather than at home for several reasons. Money is safer in a bank than at home. A current account (cheque account) with a bank provides an easy way to pay bills.

Also, money deposited in many types of bank accounts earns additional money for the depositor. People who put money in a bank are actually lending it to the bank, which may pay them interest for the use of their funds.

Banks are an essential part of business activity. Companies borrow from banks to buy new equipment and build new factories. People who do not have enough money to pay the full price of a home, a car, or some other product also borrow from banks. In these ways, banks promote the sale of a wide range of goods and services.


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In General

1. There are many banks in my city. True or false? What are some banks in your city?

2. What is the biggest or most prestigious bank?

3. Are there towns or villages with only one bank or no banks?

4. Do you ever visit a bank for services? Or do you do everything online?

5. I prefer using an ATM than going in a bank. Yes or no?

6. There is always a security guard in every bank. Is this right or wrong?


Banking Careers

7. Do you work in a bank or do you know anyone who works in a bank? How do they like it? What do they say?

8. What is your image of a banker or bank worker?

9. Is banking a prestigious career? Do students want to work in a bank?

10. Bankers and bank workers earn big money. What do you think?

12. In the future, no one will work as bank tellers and managers in brick-and-mortar banks; but there will be many customer service representations in call centers.


Banks and Society

13. What is people’s attitudes and views towards banks? Is it very positive, generally positive, neutral, in-the-middle, it depends, both good and bad, generally negative or very negative?

14. Do banks have “too much” power and control over money and people’s lives?




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