food three

Food, three


Food does more than help keep people alive, strong, and healthy. It also adds pleasure to living. People enjoy the flavors, odors, colors, and textures of foods. We celebrate special occasions with favorite meals and feasts.


24. How important is food and eating in your nation’s culture (e.g. feasts, celebrations, special occasions, family gatherings)?

25. The food and diet in my country has changed over the past years. True or false?

26. Religion can influence peoples’ diets. Yes or no? How? For example?

27. Are there problems with food in the world? What are they?

28. How can the problems of food in the world be solved?


29. What foods or crops are important in your region or country?

30. My country exports lots of food. Is this correct or wrong?

31. What foods does your country import?

32. Which foods could make good business, or make lots of money?

33. Cheap foods include……….. Why are they cheap?

34. Which foods are expensive? Why are they expensive?


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