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Olive’s grandfather had always resisted new technology.

He had worked in the family grocery store in a small town in North Carolina since he was a child.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in face-to-face dialog; it’s the only true form of human communication.”

He felt this way, even though all his friends, neighbors, and customers had gone ahead and adapted the latest gadgets on the market.

Finally after years of pressure from his wife and children, he finally gave in — and had a (landline) telephone installed in his home.

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1. What can you do with your cell or smart phone? What are some of its features?

2. My cell phone has replaced my camera. Yes or no?

3. Has your mobile phone replaced your PC or laptop?

4. What are the most popular cell phone or smart phone brand, make and model among your friends?

5. Where do smart phones come from? Where are they made?

6. Do you have Blue Tube earphones? Why do many people use them?


7. Can you remember the time when hardly anyone had a mobile phone?

8. Looking back now, I wonder how people could have survived without mobile phones. True or false?

9. I know some or many individuals who do not have a cell phone or smart phone. Is this correct or incorrect? If yes, why don’t they have one?

10. Have you walked down a street and noticed that everyone was walking by themselves and keeping to themselves — and yet they were all talking on their cell phones?

11. Have you seen little children talking on mobile phones? What is your reaction to that?

12. I know some people who spend most of their time on their devices. Yes or no?

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