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United States, part 2



The land of the United States ranges from the warm beaches of Florida and Hawaii to the frozen northlands of Alaska, and from the level Midwestern prairies to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.



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What do you think about the following statements about the United States?

I agree completely; I agree somewhat; yes and no, maybe, sometimes, perphaps, it depends; I disgree; I totally disagree.

Why do these laws and customs exists? What are the good and bad points about these?


11. Capital punishment is legal.

12. In the US, it is not a criminal offense to burn the American flag; burning the US flag is legal.

13. According to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, citizens may own and bear firearms. Many Americans own guns, pistols and rifles.

Geography, Demographics

14. Many people are moving from Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

15. In some rural communities, people wear cowboy hats, boots and jeans.

16. Many immigrants prefer to move to Australia, Canada, or Europe than the US. So do some Americans.

17. Many people in the south and Midwest listen to Country and Western music.

18. Immigrants to the US usually move to New York, California, Chicago, Texas and Florida; but seldom to Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Wyoming, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Montana, Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Tennesee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, South Carolina, South Dakota, or Iowa.

19. Many students from other countries want to study in American high schools or universities.

20. Except in New York City. Most people own and use their own cars. Few people walk or use public transport.

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