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Medicine is the science and art of healing. Medicine is a science because it is based on knowledge gained through careful study and experimentation. It is an art because it depends on how skilfully doctors and other medical workers apply this knowledge when dealing with patients.

The goals of medicine are to save lives, to relieve suffering, and to maintain the dignity of ill individuals. For this reason, medicine has long been one of the most respected professions. Many thousands of men and women who work in the medical profession spend their lives caring for the sick. When disaster strikes, hospital workers rush emergency aid to the injured. When epidemics threaten, doctors and nurses work to prevent the spread of disease. Researchers continually search for better ways of fighting disease.




1. How often do you visit the doctor? I go to the doctor . . . . . a . . . . .

2. I look forward to going to the doctor. I enjoy visits to the doctor. True or false?

3. I have a favorite doctor. Or, I have a regular doctor. Yes or no?

4. Do you go to the same doctor for many years; or do you regularly switch?

5. Describe what often happens when a patient visits the doctor.


6. Doctors are the highest paid professionals. What do you think? What is the average salary for doctors?

7. What does it take to become a practicing physician in your country?

8. Medicine is a very prestigious profession. Is this right or wrong?

9. Are doctors usually the smartest, brightest students in school?

10. Are the doctors in your city mostly local, from other parts of the country or foreign?

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