university 1

University, part 1

The university is the best-known kind of higher education institution (the term higher education refers to learning institutions that students can attend after they finish secondary school). Other institute have titles such as college, institute, academy, or polytechnic.


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1. I am a university student. True or false?

2. Did you attend and graduate from university? If yes, what did you major in (study)?

3. Are you planning to attend university? What are you planning to study?

4. Most of my friends and classmates are going to attend, or have attended university. Yes or no?

5. What have your parents and teachers told you about university?

6. If you could major in any subject and become a professor, researcher, or scholar, what would you study?

7. What sort of academic future would you like for your children?


8. Is there a main university in your town or city? Does your city have many universities? Is your city a “university town”?

9. What are the most prestigious or elite universities in your country? The most prestigious or elite universities in my country are……

10. What are the most popular majors or subjects in university nowadays? Why are these subjects so popular?

11. Is it easy, medium-difficult, or difficult to get into university?

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