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Dogs, one


A dog is an animal that has lived with people as a pet for more than 10,000 years, longer than any other animal. During that time, breeders have developed about 400 dog breeds to perform various tasks, provide companionship, and please the human eye.

Most scientists believe that prehistoric human beings first valued dogs as watchdogs. Later, people realized that dogs could also be used for herding and hunting other animals.

Over thousands of years, such breeds as collies, komondors, and pulis were developed to herd sheep, goats, and cattle. Hounds, pointers, retrievers, setters, spaniels, and terriers were bred for various kinds of hunting.


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In General

1. I have a dog. Yes or no? Do all your friends have dogs?

2. Approximately what percent of people have dogs? Does dog ownership differ between the city and country?

3. Why do people keep dogs and other pets?

4. My friend is afraid of barking dogs in other people’s homes. True or false? Has he been bitten by a dog?

5. What do feral or wild dogs eat? What do pet dogs eat?

6. Is there a large selection of dog food in supermarkets?

Humans and Dogs

7. Some dogs live better than some humans. True or false?

8. Have you heard of rich people who left their property and money to their pets?

9. Each dog has his or her own character, traits and personalities — like humans. Do you agree?

10. I get along with dogs better than I get along with people. Is this correct or wrong?

11. People with pets live longer and healthier lives than those without one. What do you think?

12. I have seen dogs guiding blind people. Yes or no?

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