Favorites, one




dish biology bell pepper
apple banana watermelon
cherry lemon Folk Music
plum science nectarine
leeks fencing computer science
carrot hockey swimming
soccer orange cauliflower
math history literature
peach physics chemistry
Rock reading PE (Physical Education)
meal writing social studies
Jazz cabbage informatics
R&B radish track and field
celery broccoli volleyball
onion sprinting gymnastics
Pop English Heavy Metal
Rap football wood working
pear Classical Country Music





Always (100%). My favorite fruits are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and currants. True or false?

Almost Always (98%). Are eggplants your favorite vegetable?

Usually (85%). What’s your favorite drink?

Frequently (75%). What’s your favorite dish or meal?




Often (66%). My favorite school subjects are reading and literature.

Sometimes (30%). Who is your favorite school teacher?

Occasionally (15%). Do you have a favorite classroom or place in school?

On Occasion (15%). Do you have a favorite time of day? Do you have a favorite school hour?






Seldom (7%). My favorite hero is the Green Lantern. Is this right or wrong?

Rarely (3%). Who is your favorite singer?

Almost never (1%). My favorite actors are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Never (0%). Do you have a favorite athlete or sportsperson?

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