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Movies (Films), I

Movies (or films) are one of the most popular forms of art and entertainment throughout the world. They are also a major source of information.

Every week, millions of people go to the movies. Many millions more watch movies that are broadcast on television or played on a videocassette, videodisc, compact disc, or DVD player.

But movies are much more than just entertainment. The motion picture is a major art form, as are, for example, painting and drama. Artists express themselves by using paint and dramatists by using words. Filmmakers express their ideas through a motion-picture camera.

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1. I like to watch movies. True or false? Do you like watching films or movies?

2. How often do you watch movies (films)?

3. What’s your favorite film?

4. What kinds of movies do you like (action, adventure, comedy, detective, Disney, docudrama, drama, historical, horror, melodrama, mystery, police drama, science-fiction, romance, violent)? Give examples.

5. What kinds of films bore you, or turns you off? What kinds of films do you dislike? I don’t like (hate) . . .  Give examples.




Movie Theaters, Cinemas

6. How often do you and your friends go to the cinema or movie theater? I go to the theater . . . . Has it changed over your lifetime.

7. Movie theater attendance has changed over the decades. Do you agree? If yes, how have they changed?

8. Have movies changed over the years in terms of plots, cast, special effects? Describe them.

Social Aspects

9. There is too much violence in movies. What do you think?

10. Hollywood films influence the culture, character, behavior and fashion of a society. Yes or no? If yes, give examples. Is this good or bad, neither or both?

11. Films and film characters exaggerate too much; there is too much emotion and drama.

12. Do Hollywood characters behave similarly to people in your culture?

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