Agriculture is the world’s most important industry. It provides us with almost all our food, materials for clothing and other products.

About half the world’s population are engaged in agriculture—far more than in any other activity.

Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest occupations. It first developed in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago. At that time, certain groups discovered how to grow plants from seeds and raise animals in captivity.

Farming traditionally relied on human and animal labour and simple tools.

Then in the late 1600’s, inventors began to develop machinery for planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. Since the early 1900’s, scientists developed better varieties of plants and livestock and highly effective fertilizers and pesticides.

These improvements have greatly increased farm output and reduced the need for farm labour.

However in many parts of the world, people still farm much as they have for centuries, with low crop yields.

But increased food production is necessary to keep up with rapid population growth. This is one of the major challenges facing the world.

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1. Overall in Country, Economics

Does agriculture form a large portion of your nation or region’s economy?

What are the major crops and produce in your country?

Is your country famous for certain crops or produce? Does your country produce any unique crops?

Are the regional or special crops raised in different parts of your country?

What crops or produce do your country export? To where?

What crops or produce do your country import? From where?

2. Consumer Issues

Is organic farming popular in your country?

Are farmers’ markets popular in your town or city? Describe it.

Are fruit and vegetables relatively cheap in your town, city, and, or country? Give examples.

Is the younger generation in your country or town eating less fruit and vegetables, and more processed foods?

3. Farming, technology

How would you describe the changes in farming over the years or decades?

What are some problems associated with farming?

Has farmering been effected by climate change? How?

What do you think farming will be like in the future?

4. Farm life

Would you like to be a farmer? Is farming a popular occupational choice among your friends or classmates, or do most young people shun it?

Is there a shortage of farmers, or a shortage of rural jobs?

Is fruit and vegetable gardening popular among locals in your region?

Do you think subsistance farming will make a comeback?

5. Agricultural Business

Do farmers in your country or region receive farm subsidies?

Is there much fluctuation in food prices in your locale?

What are the sources of meat in your country or region? Which are the favourites?


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