age two

Age, two



12. It is the children’s responsibility to look after their parents when they get old. Do you agree?

13. Children should move out of their parents’ home when they become reach 18.

14. Has time seemed to pass more quick as you have got older? Why is that?

15. Have you heard of the “Fountain of Youth”? What is it? If it existed, would it be a popular attraction?

16. Is there a shrinking percentage of young people in your community, and an increasing proportion of older people? Why is that?


17. Do you know people who looked young for their chronological age? Describe them.

18. Can certain habits make you youthful? What are they?

19. Do you know people who looked older than their chronological age? Describe them. Do certain things or habits age you prematurely?

20. How can people avoid Alzheimer’s disease?

21. Bi- or multi-lingual people are less likely to go senile than monolingual people. Do you agree?

22. Have studies and experiments been done on finding a “cure” or “reversal” of baldness, greying, obesity, wrinkled skin, lethargy, aches, pains, senility, impotence? Is or would this be big business?

23. Have you heard of the so-called mid-life crisis? Describe its symptoms. What is the cause of it? What is its cure?




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