first impressions five

First Impressions, five


Here are some tips to helping you with regards to first impressions.

First, take complete control over every detail of your personal appearance and grooming. Resolve to look like a powerful, influential person in all your business activities.

Second, study fashion and proper dress so you know exactly what to wear and in what combination. Read a book, take a seminar or even hire an image consultant. Small changes in your appearance can change your life.

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Make up and Tattoos

43. A man with a big, complicated tattoo on his arm.

44. A woman with a small tattoo.

45. A woman with a big, intricate tattoo; or lots of tattoos.

46. A woman wearing lots of makeup on her face.

47. A man wearing make up.


48. A person with his hands behind his back, walking very slowly down the street.

49. You walk into a bar, and everyone turns and looks at you.

50. A person walking on a sidewalk, smiling to him or herself.

51. A person in a nice park, sitting alone on a park bench.

52. A group of ladies drinking tea from a fancy teapot and fine china.

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