Immigration, three


Today, improved communications and cheaper transportation help make migration easier. Asia is replacing Europe as the area that sends the most people to other countries. The United States remains the chief receiving nation.

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Historical Trends

23. There have always been different waves of migration throughout my country’s history. Is this right or wrong?

24. In the past, migrants came from neighboring countries; now they come from all over the world. Yes or no?

25. Do new arrivals add to the general population or do the original inhabitants move away when newcomers move in?

26. Do newcomers assimilate and integrate, or do they stick to their own culture, language and ethnic groups, both or it depends?
Do some nationalities assimilate easily and quickly, while others cling on to their culture and heritage?


27. Is there a difference in opinion about immigration among businesses, the government and ordinary citizens?

28. Immigration has become a hot political topic. Is this correct or incorrect?


29. How do people in you city feel about immigration and immigrants? Are the positive, negative, or do they have mixed feelings?

30. Do some or many local residents oppose immigration? What do they say? Have feelings changed over time?

31. In the future, due to globalization, moving and settling in different places will be easy. What do you think?

32. What will happen in the future regarding emigration, immigration and migration?


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