rich three

The Rich, three


Character, Personality, Behavior

22. The main motive or driving force (for men) to become rich, is to impress and attract beautiful women. What do you think?

23. Are rich people generous and charitable; or are they greedy and selfish; or it depends on the individual?


24. Where do the rich live in your city or country?

25. Do the rich want to live separately from others?

26. Women desire rich men, while rich men desire young, beautiful, sexy females. What do you think?

27. Do people resent and dislike rich people?

28. Rich, middle-class and poor go on for generation after generation, hundreds of years. Yes, no, maybe, usually, sometimes?

29. Throughout history, the poor and working class have revolted against the rich. True or false? Why has this happened?

30. Do the rich suffer more from crime than poor people?

31. Do politicians, journalists and community leaders bash and criticize poor people?

32. Are certain ethnic or religious groups considered rich?







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