movies two

Movies (Films), II


Movies have become a gigantic industry.

A typical feature-length film costs millions of dollars to make and requires the skills of hundreds of workers. Highly technical devices are needed to film and show movies. These include cameras, computers, sound-recording equipment, and projectors.

In fact, motion pictures could not exist without many of the scientific and technical discoveries made since the late 1800’s. For this reason, movies have been called the art form of the 20th century.

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Hollywood, Film Industry

14. Does your country have a film industry? What movies has it produced?

15. In your country, are Hollywood films dubbed or subtitled or both? Which do you prefer? Why?

16. Would you like to become a producer, writer or director? What kinds of movies would you produce?

Actors and Actresses

17. Who are your favourite actors and actresses? What kinds of movies do they star in?

18. Would you like to be an actor or actress? Why or why not?

19. I would like to be married to a film star. True or false? Why or why not?

20. If you were an actor or actress, what sorts of movies would you like to star in? If I were an actor (actress), I would like to star in…

Movie Aspects

21. What movie topics or genre would you like to see more of?

22. What decades produced the best movies? Which decade or decades are your favourite for movies?

23. I have reached the point where I can predict the plot and ending of a film. Is this correct or wrong?

24. Have you grown tired of movies? Have you “outgrown” movie watching?

25. Which nation produces your favourite types of movies? Give examples.

26. What do you think films will be like in the future?

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