Travel Topics, 2






9. What are some interesting or beautiful places have you visited?

10. What are the main tourist attractions or travel destinations in your country or region?

11. Do you often return to a favorite place, or do you try to visit new and different places, or both?

12. Do you have “secret hideouts” or do you know of “best kept secrets”? Describe these places.

13. What places or destinations are popular with people in your country? What places do they like to visit?

14. Do you ever feel angst or frustration that some potentially great, interesting, fascinating, wonderful, exotic travel destinations are embroiled in war, conflict, hostility, instability and, or have government travel restrictions? Can you give any examples?




15. What places have delicious and, or interesting cuisine, fruits and vegetables?

16. What places have different, or “exotic” cultures?

17. Everyone, especially young people, should travel abroad. What do you think?

18. What will happen in the future regarding travel?



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