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Company is a business enterprise in which people work together for the purpose of manufacturing, buying, or selling goods, or providing a service. In nearly all countries, there is a companies act, a law which regulates companies to make sure that they carry out their business in a proper way.



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In General

1. I work at a company. True or false? Do most or many of your friends or former classmates work in medium or large companies?

2. What is your job title or position in your company? What do you do? Describe your roles, duties and responsibilities.

3. Name the various positions, jobs and job titles in your company.

4. What are the different sections, areas and departments of your company?


5. Our company provides services. Is this right or wrong? Does your company manufacture goods or provide services or both? Our company . . . . . . ?



6. Our main client is the government. Is this correct or incorrect? Who are your main clients? Who do you sell your services to? How do they benefit from your services?

7. Who are your vendors or suppliers? What do you acquire or buy from them?

8. Describe your company’s logistics. How are goods or services delivered, shipped or transported? Does your company handle the logistics or is it outsourced?

9. What is the history of your company. When was it founded and built?

10. Has your company been providing the same services and products, or have they been changing? Have they become more high-tech?

11. We have many competitors. Yes or no? Who are your competitors? Who is the best in this field? Why are they the best? How can you become the best?



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