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Are the following customs or stereotypes true or still true? Why did or do these customs exist? What do you think about them? How is it in your country?

Oregon. Though the United States is very big, most foreign tourists only visit a few places: California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco), New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans.

Arizona. In American homes, people keep their outdoor shoes on; they only remove them when they go to bed or take a shower.

Washington. Since about 1980, the average weight of Americans has increased.

North Carolina. Except for New York City and San Francisco, most Americans commute by car.

Tennessee. The “American Dream” is to work as a professional or business person, be married with two children (a boy and a girl), live in a family home in the suburbs, have at least two cars, and belong to the middle-class.

Massachusetts. The younger is more liberal than the older generation, who are more conservative.



Vermont. Most Americans can only speak one language.

Mississippi. Many Latin and Asian immigrant don’t bother to learn English, or they speak it poorly.

A large percentage of people in the United States move to different cities and states.

Kansas. Americans often date different boys and girls before they finally get married.

Montana. Some Americans are nice and friendly, others are jerks, while others are double-faced, or friendly only in the beginning.

Employees in the US dislike their boss or working for a boss.

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