Communication, I


Communication is the sharing of information. People communicate mainly by speaking and writing. Individuals also communicate by means of gestures, facial expressions, and even movements of the body.

Most everyday communication is the exchanging of facts and ideas between two more people.


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1. What’s your preferred means of receiving input or information: lectures, talks, discussions, books, TV, video, audio CDs, the internet, manuals, journals, magazines, comics?

2. What’s your preferred means of expressing yourself, e.g. speaking, writing letters, email, social media, chatting, telephone, texting, smart phoning?

3. Many people need constant communication. Yes or no?

4. I prefer living in isolation or in nature without mass communication. True or false?

Society, Culture

5. How do your parents communicate with others? How do your grandparents?

6. Mass communication is homogenizing the world’s cultures. Do you agree?

7. How has communication changed since you were a child?

8. How did people communicate over long distances before the advent of email, radio, telephones, telegraph?

9. Do people sometimes need to completely shut out all inputs and outputs?

10. What will communications be like in the future? How do you think your children and grandchildren will communicate?


11. There is too much one-way communication from teacher to students. What do you think?

12. But students hate giving speeches and oral reports to the whole class.

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