Happiness, I








1. I am happy! I feel happy! How true is this? On a scale of 1 to 100, how happy are you?

2. Are your friends very happy, generally happy, satisfied, in-between, stressed, depressed, all the above? Why? Give examples.

3. How do people in your town, city, region, and, or country generally feel? Who are happier city or country people?

4. Who are the happiest people that you know? Who are the happiest people? Describe them.

5. When do you or your friends feel happiest?

6. I know some people who are always smiling, joking, and laughing even in crisis situations. Yes or no?

Causes of Happiness

7. What makes you and your friends happy?

8. The place where you reside (live), or where you are in general effect your mood. What do you think? Give examples.

9. How people feel is related to the economy. True or false? Why? Give examples.

10. The way people feel, how happy they are is tied to money or living standards. Yes or no? Why? Give examples.

11. What can you say about food, alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeine, drugs, sex?

12. What is the secret of happiness? What is the key to happiness? How can people feel better, happier, more uplifted?

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