Books, One


Books are a reasonably inexpensive and convenient way to store, transport, and find knowledge and information. The book thus ranks as one of humanity’s greatest inventions.


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A. Personal

1. I read a book every day. Yes or no? How often do you read books? How often do your friends read books?

2. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is . . . What are your favorite types of books? What kind of books does your friend like? Who are your favorite authors or writers?

3. Have you read a page-turning book that kept you up all night? What was it about?

4. I would like to write a book. True or false? Has your friend, classmate or colleague written a book? Would you like to write a book? About what?

5. Do you like to read classical stories and books in their original form, or in contemporary, colloquial, vernacular version?

6. Do you prefer to read a book, watch its film version or it depends?

B. Early Years

7. How did you start to read?

8. Do you have (Did you have) a large collection of children’s books?

9. I love (loved) to hear stories from my parents and teachers. Yes or no?

C. Later years

10. My friends and I love going to the library.

11. What kind of books do boys like to read? Do girls like different types of books?

12. Have you written stories in your classes?

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