Body Language, one

According to psychologists, only about 7% of human communication is through words alone.

This means that over 90% of our communication is nonverbal: by the tone of voice…body postures…facial expressions…breathing patterns…hand and feet movements.

These cues reveal far more than what a person says — frequently, the messages contradict each other (and guess which always wins?)

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How could you interpret the following?

Part One

1. A journalist asks Mr. Windward a question in front of a TV camera. Mr. Windward hesitates and stammers as he answers.

2. While speaking to Rose at a disco, Ed’s voice quivers.

3. Mrs. Mead asks Larry why he has not finished the quarterly sales report (or school report). Larry’s voice wavers as he explains to her why.

4. As Mayleen converses with Bill, Tina, Rick and Margo, she folds her arms across her chest .

5. The students in Mrs. Gardner’s class yawn.







Part Two

6. Mathew is talking about his school PE (physical education) class. He smiles and his eyes sparkle.

7. It is Saturday night in a club. Sean approaches Faye and offers to buy her a drink.

8. Joe is driving across the country. Hungry, he stops in a small town, he walks into the town bar. When he enters, everyone inside looks at him.

9. While being interviewed on TV, the camera briefly focuses on Mr. Robertson hands as he speaks. He moves them slightly.

10. You call for a waiter who is standing, chatting with a coworker. After many seconds he struts over and says, “Can I help you?”

11. Miss. Gardner is speaking to her seventh grade English class after the summer vacation. All the students look at her with their mouths open.






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