rich two

The Rich, two


Life and Lifestyle

12. Do some or many rich people live modestly or in a middle-class fashion?

13. What happens to the children of rich families?

14. Describe the stereotypical lifestyle of rich people.

15. Rich people have fewer mental, physical and psychological problems than others. True or false?

16. Ordinary people believe rich people live in a secret, mysterious world. Is this right or wrong?

17. Do rich people have more stable relationships? Do they have more, less or the same rates of divorce as average people?

Character, Personality, Behavior

18. How do the rich act or behave?

19. Rich people are fundamentally, perhaps genetically, different from middle and working class people. What do you think?

20. In terms of personality and character, are rich people nice and friendly, mean and arrogant, indifferent, or it depends on the individual?

21. Rich people are smart; they are much smarter than other people. True or false?






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