geography quiz test

Geography Quiz, one




1. How many continents are there? Name the continents. There are eleven oceans. True or false? Name the world’s oceans.

2. Are Mexico and Spain in South America?

3. All countries in Europe are historically and predominantly Christian. Is this right or wrong?

4. What language do the people of the Netherlands speak?

5. Is the capital of Turkey Istanbul? Is Istanbul the capital of Turkey?

6. Russia and the United States are 7843 kilometers apart. Is this correct or incorrect?





7. Is the currency of Great Britain the euro?

8. Are the people of India mostly Muslim? Are most Indians Muslim?

9. In Germany, do people drive on the left side of the road? Is the driver’s seat on the right side in Germany?

10. All of South America is hot and tropical. Yes or no?

11. Is the official language of Egypt Egyptian? Is Egyptian the official language of Egypt?

12. Did Alexander the Great invade and conquer Italy, France and Britain?

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