Tourism, one

Tourism is the supplying of services to tourists. A tourist is a person who travels away from home, either within the same country or abroad, and stays away for at least 24 hours or one night.

The reasons for such travel include leisure (recreation, holidays, health, education, religion, and sport), business, and family matters. A holidaymaker, a conference delegate, and a traveling businessperson are all tourists.

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Tourists, Visitors. Name some popular tourist attractions.

Hotel, Hostel, Motel. Many foreign tourists visit my country. True or false? Where do they come from? What do they do? Where do they go?

Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast. Do people in your country like to travel? Where do tourists from your country visit? What are some favorite or popular tourist destinations for tourists from your country?

There are numerous man-made, tourist attractions. Yes or no?

Cafe, Bar, Pub.
Do you know any “best kept secrets”? What are some “best kept secrets”?


Sightseeing, Tour. My friends and I are involved in the tourist industry. Is this right or wrong? Do you or your friend work in tourism?



Museum, Art Gallery.
Is tourism very important, somewhat important, in the middle, not very important or not important at all for your country’s economy?

Market, Marketplace, Bazaar.
What businesses and jobs benefit from tourism?

Souvenir Stalls.
Tourism in my country, province, or city should be increased. Do you agree? Would you like to see more tourists in your city or country?

Street Food.
How could you promote, market, and attract more visitors to your city and country?

Castles, Palaces, Cathedrals.
Would you like to set up a tourism-related business? What business would you like to set up to capitalize on tourism? What tourist related work would you like to do?

Nature Reserves, National Parks. Do you have any suggestions for some potential tourist markets or creations?



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