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The Internet does not just store information. It also enables people to work, shop, play games, form online communities, and share their artwork and ideas. A tremendous amount and variety of activity takes place online (on the Internet).

Ideas have spread quickly through the Internet. The Internet enables marketers, politicians, and ordinary people to send messages far and wide. People have used the Internet to organize political movements and even revolutions.

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13. Is surfing the internet an age thing? In other words, do most surfers tend to be young, or is everyone doing it?

14. Have you always had exposure to the internet; or do you remember when it was increasing in popularity; or do you remember a time when there was no internet or World Wide Web?

15. The internet is becoming more and more prominent in life. Do you agree? Give some examples.

16. Most people find their boyfriends and girlfriends online. True or false?

17. People are forming closer ties, bonds, and friendship through social networking with people on the other side of the world than with their next door neighbours? Why or why not? Give examples.

18. Before the internet, life was primitive and boring. What do you think?


19. It is absolutely necessary for any business to have its own website. What do you think? Why?

20. It doesn’t matter how good a business or company is; these days if they don’t have their own website, people won’t take them seriously.

21. In the future most buying, selling and other business transactions will be conducted via, Ebay, and Craigslist. Yes or no? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

22. What do you think of online banking? Is this the way of the future?
Is it possible that the whole internet system and memory banks might simply crash? What would be the consequences?



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