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Hospital, two

Millions of people must, at some point in their lives, spend some time in hospital as inpatients. Millions of others will visit hospitals as outpatients. Outpatients receive treatment but do not stay in the hospital.

In most countries of the industrialized world, a hospital is a clean building or complex equipped with modern medical facilities where doctors and nurses use up-to-date techniques to treat patients.

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 Working in a Hospital

12. Do you or any of your friends work in a hospital? What is it like to work in a hospital?

13. I would like to work in a hospital. Yes or no? Why or why not? What position would you like to have? Why?

14. Is there a shortage of doctors, nurses and, or other medical professionals? If yes, why is this so? What is the solution to this?

15. Many doctors and nurses and other medical professionals from my country work abroad. True or false?

16. Are there foreign doctors and nurses working in your city or country? If yes, where are they from?

Business and Economics

17. Are hospital visits and treatments in your city very expensive, expensive, inexpensive, cheap, free, or does it depend?

18. The government should spend more money into hospitals. What do you think? Or is this easier said than done? Why?

19. Is there a shortage of hospitals or hospital beds in your town, city, region and, or country?

20. How do you compare public and private hospitals? What can you say about public and private hospitals?

21. There should universal health insurance. Do you agree?

22. Is there “medical tourism”? Do foreigners come to your country for medical treatment or vice versa?

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