architecture two

Architecture, II


Architecture is one of the oldest art forms. A society’s architecture reflects the values and ideals of its people. The ancient Greeks stressed discipline and harmony in life, and so they created an architectural style that was balanced and orderly.

The beauty of a city or town is in large part determined by the quality of its architecture.

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C. Architects, Engineers

12. Are you an architect, building engineer, or construction worker? Do you know anyone who is an architect, structural engineer or construction worker?

13. I would like to be an architect, building engineer or construction
worker. Yes or no?

14. If you could design your own building, what would it look like?

15. There is a demand for architects and builders in my town or city. Yes or no?

D. Government and Business

16. Should new government buildings be built in “classical” styles or modern, utilitarian styles?

17. Governments departments, ministries and bureaus should move to plain, modern ones, and old, historical buildings turned into museums, universities and cultural centers. What do you think?

18. Should businesses build modern or traditional, old style office buildings?

19. Would you prefer to work or study in a modern building or an old, historical, classical building?

E. Architectural Heritage

20. Describe the different architectural periods in your country’s history.

21. How important is traditional architecture in a culture or national heritage?

22. What type of architecture is region or country most famous for: houses of worship, castles, palaces, mansions,
government buildings, commercial buildings? All of the above?



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