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Children’s Issues, three


Parents, siblings (brothers and sisters), and other family members traditionally play vital roles in guiding a child’s development. But as childhood progresses, boys and girls become increasingly independent and responsible for their own well-being.

Every child is a unique individual, with his or her own talents, characteristics, personality, and background. Despite these differences, many of the basic stages, experiences, and challenges of childhood are similar throughout the world.

School, State, Career

20. To what extent should parents encourage their children to go into certain careers, field or occupations?
Should parents demand or expect their children to go into certain professions, e.g. become a doctor, lawyer, take over their business?

21. What do children like to do at school?

22. What do children do or like to do at home?

23. How much involvement should the State have in family matters regarding children?

24. Should the government advise parents how to raise their children?

25. Which are the best countries for children to grow up? Where is the best place to raise a family?

Growing Up

26. Is childhood obesity a problem where you live? What is the cause of it? What is the solution?

27. Today’s generation of children have an easy life compared when their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were children. True or false?

28. What do children usually eat? What do they like to eat? What should they be eating?

29. Is it better for kids to grow up with one or both parents, or it doesn’t matter?

30. Which decade or historical period is or was the best time to grow up?

31. What will the life of children be like in the future?

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