university 3

University, Three

Universities differ from other kinds of higher education institutions mainly in the wider range of subject matter they offer. These include science (physics, chemistry, geology, biology, astronomy), social science (anthropology, psychology, sociology, economics), the humanities (history, philosophy, literature, languages), the creative arts (painting, music, dance, drama), and more.

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24. Do students usually attend local universities, distant universities, or it depends?

25. Many or some students from my country study abroad. Yes or no? Where do they go? What happens after they graduate?

26. Would you like to study at a foreign university? Where and why?

27. Would you like to spend a year as an exchange student in another country? Which and why?

28. Are there many private universities? Compare private and public universities. Which is “better”?


29. Why do people go on to university?

30. Should more people study at university?

31. What subjects do students from poor or working class families major in? What course do rich students study? What about middle-class students? Why?

32. Having a university degree carries a lot of prestige in society. Do you agree?

33. University education has been overrated. What do you think?


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