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Crime, III



However under the law, a suspect cannot be classified as a criminal unless a judge or jury finds them guilty.

A convicted criminal may then sent to prison or receive some other punishment, according to the laws of where the crime was committed or the trial held.

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20. How can white collar crimes be avoided and reduced?

21. How should criminals be dealt with? Should the philosophy lean more towards punishing or reforming them?

Over Time

22. Have there been changes in crime rates in your region or country?

23. Up till around 1960, the crime rate in the US had been relatively low. Then in 1960 it began rising. It peaked about 1991, then started declining. By 2010 it was where it had been in 1960. What are the explanations for this?


24. Describe the “typical” criminal. What is his or her background?

25. There is too much violence and sex on TV and movies. Do you agree?

26. Does the media (newspapers, TV, magazine) suggest that the streets are dangerous? How?

27. Which crimes are most common crimes, if any, in your country?
What are the most serious crimes?

28. Are there any dangerous (or unsafe) parts of your city or country?

29. Who was Robin Hood? Does your nation have such a character? What do you think of Robin Hood? Was he “good” or “bad” or both?

30. Detective stories and murder mysteries are popular. Yes or no?


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