whats the explanation 2

What’s the Explanation? II



8. Everyone around him knew who he was; but no one knew his name. How can this be?

9. Marylin injected Harold’s right arm and drew out some blood. But he knew the results would not be good for him. Why didn’t he think the consequences would be good? How did he know the results wouldn’t be for good for him?

10. Scott, wearing a pack on his back, went into a field — then died! How and why did he die?

11. Tony and Amanda live in a square house. Each side has a wall. Each wall has a window. And each window faces north. How can this be?

12. Michael Jordan, dressed completely in a black suit, is walking down on an unlit road — there were no streetlights.

Just as he is crossing the road, a big black Mercedes with broken headlights came racing down the highway. The driver just managed to avoid hitting Micheal.

How did he avoid hitting Michael?

13. Mark walked into a bar in Texas and ordered a glass of water. The bartender immediately took out a shotgun from under the counter and pointed it at Mark.

“Thank you,” said Mark, and walked out of the bar.

Explain what had happened.

14. Bob and Tim are having a vicious fight: they punch and kick each other. This went on for a long time; and yet neither man can knock the other down.

Why can’t either man knock the other down?



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