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Work, Two


Working in a globalized world means jobs are no longer limited to the place where a worker lives. The economy, politics, and other factors affect large numbers of people who may suddenly find themselves without a job.

Getting a New Job

13. How do people find new jobs?

14. How did you get your current job?

15. Compare jobs ads and word-of-mouth or referrals.

16. Is it easy or difficult to find a new job, or does it depend?


17. Is it better to have one career at one company, or several careers in different organizations?

18. People identify themselves and each other by the work they do, e.g. farmer, nurse, plumber, engineer. Do you agree? Is this good?

19. What are some good companies to work for? Which countries have good work opportunities?

20. What is the secret to success in a career or job?

21. Would you like to retire or keep on working your whole life? What is the situation in your country?

Employment and Unemployment

22. Is unemployment a problem in your country?

23. Are there many underemployed people?

24. Why is there unemployment? Why are some people unemployed?

25. How can unemployment be reduced?

26. Is there a shortage or certain professions and a glut of others?

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