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Jobs, one

The world of work is vast and constantly changing. Scientific and technological advances and other developments constantly eliminate jobs and create new ones.

Working in a globalized world means jobs are no longer limited to the place where a worker lives.

The economy, politics, and other factors affect large numbers of people who may suddenly find themselves without a job.




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 In General

1,001. I have a job. I work. Yes or no? If yes, what is your job? What are your duties, roles and responsibilities?

2,002. Have you had jobs in the past? What jobs have you done in the past? I have worked as a/an . . . . I was a . . . .

3,003. What career would you like to get into? What job would you like to do? Why? If you could do any job, what job would you like to have? I would like to be a/an ________ because

4,004. There are certain jobs that I would not want to do. True or false? What jobs would you not want to do? Why wouldn’t you want that job? I would not want to be a/an . . . .

5,005. What are some common jobs in your city or town. What are some large employers?

6,006. Certain jobs are popular these days (among young people). Is this right or wrong? Why are these jobs popular? The most popular jobs are . . . .




7,007. What jobs do children want to do when they grow up? Children want to be . . .

8,008. What careers do parents want their children to do? Parents want their children to become . . .

9,009. Some jobs are considered to be “more suitable” for women. Others are “more suitable” for men. What do you think?

Certain jobs are performed mostly by young people. Other jobs are done mostly by middle-aged people. True or false? Give examples and say why.

There is ageism or age discrimination in hiring. What do you think?



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