first impressions two

First Impressions, two

You’ve heard it said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

A survey was conducted on human resource managers that hire recruits for large companies. They admitted that they tended to make their final decision to hire or not to hire a person within 30 seconds of the first meeting.

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What is your first impression of the following examples of dress or appearance? Why? Have you ever seen such people? Why are they the way they are?

Clothes 2

11. A person wearing black leather clothes; leather pants and jacket.

12. A businessman or manager wearing blue jeans, shirt or T-shirt and sneakers.

13. Two men in police uniforms walking down the street.

14. A couple dressed in a traditional, folk costume.

15. A man dressed in camouflage, shirt, trousers, black boots.



Other 2

16. A group of people sitting and drinking mocha at a cafe.

17. A young man with narrow lens glasses at a café drinking cappuccino and absorbed in a laptop computer.

18. An elderly man walking in a park on Saturday wearing a suit.

19. A guy driving a red sports car.

20. A person walking down the street by himself, talking out loud.


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