gender issues 2

Gender Issues, II



11. If women controlled governments and dominated politics there wouldn’t be any wars. True or false?

12. Most highly successful women (women in the top of their corporation, profession or organization…are either single or childless). True or false?

13. There should be more government sponsored day-care centres. Do you agree?

14. There should be quotas or affirmative action to promote women to management positions. What do you think?


15. Mr. Barnet should stay home, cook, clean, shop and look after the children while Mrs. Barnet brings home the bacon (supports the family financially). What do you think?

16. In your country, who has more freedom and opportunity to work and travel, males or females? Why? Give examples.

17. Is spousal abuse a problem? What are the solutions to this?

18. In which countries or places do females have the most freedom, equality and opportunity? Why? Give example?

19. Are there countries or places where females have limited or restricted freedom and opportunities?

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