debates 5

Debates, 5

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

a) I agree completely
b) I agree somewhat.
c) In the middle. So-so. It depends. Yes and no. Maybe. Perhaps.
d) I disagree.
e) I totally disagree.

Say why, and give examples.


10. Outsourcing and freelancing will become the norm.

11. The minimum wage should be scrapped (abolished).

12. Hiring new people and firing employees should become easy and simple.


13. Most university courses should be taught in English.

14. It’s better to learn online; online education is superior to conventional classrooms.

Government, Politics

15. There should be more referendums and plebiscites on important issues.

16. Churches, NGO’s and charities should help the poor instead of the government.

17. The government should accept refugees and asylum seekers.

18. America and other Western nations no longer have freedom of speech due to political correctness.

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